Our trainings are unique and customized, as our participants are all different and unique personalities. Whether it is team building or skill development, we always recommend the most suitable training and the best trainer for the given program and team. Our trainings and events not only offer practices that are instantly applicable and highly beneficial in everyday life, but are also memorable experiences.

Devoted trainers, organization developers, psychologists and sociologists work together in our team. We consider it important to get to know each other well, to negotiate and set the goals accurately. We believe that good training is based on trust.


  • Detailed needs assessment, flexible programming
  • Full programme preparation and event planning
  • Creative, unique ideas
  • Innovative LifeTraining solutions
  • Special venue offers



  • Tailored training programs
  • Contributions of experienced trainers and organizers
  • Professional, flexible design
  • Special solutions
  • Programme administration


  • Compilation of an individual anonymous online training assessment questionnaire
  • Follow-up discussion
  • Define additional directions for development
  • Gáspár Andrea

    Andrea Gáspár

    managig director

  • Szabó Anita

    Anita Szabó

    psychologist, trainer

  • Bacsó György

    György Bacsó


  • Rigó Péter

    Péter Rigó

    psychologist, trainer

  • Smaza Péter

    Péter Smaza

    organizer, trainer

  • Gáspár Bandi

    Bandi Gáspár

    junior trainer

  • Róbert Nóra

    Nóra Róbert


  • Csonka Ágnes Kinga

    Ágnes Kinga Csonka

    mediator, trainer

  • Vraskó Szilvia

    Szilvia Vraskó